Internal Audit Conference 2023 | Keynote speakers

Dr. Rosa Vásquez Espinoza, Chemical Biologist, Storyteller, Conservationist, Explorer, Educator, and Artist

Dr. Rosa Vásquez Espinoza is a chemical biologist, storyteller, conservationist, National Geographic Explorer, educator, and award-winning artist. Through her non-profit organisation Amazon Research Int, she currently investigates the Peruvian Boiling River and its heat-loving microbes, and Amazonian stingless bees and their medicinal honey.



Nina Schick, Author

Nina Schick: author and keynote speaker on the #deepfake phenomenon, the use of misinformation, and the extraordinary developments in generative AI.

‘Soon it will be impossible to tell what is real and what is fake’. The implications for society are profound. How will we trust? Who will we trust? Artificial intelligence systems will be able to combine images of a real individual and present images that showing them acting in ways they never acted, and in places they never were. Deep fakes and the weaponisation of data threaten democracy itself with a crisis of misinformation.

In her book Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse: What You Urgently Need To Know [Octopus Books 2020] Nina Schick examines the state of play, identifies the bad guys, and tells us what we need to do to try and prepare and protect ourselves from all pervasive misinformation and all-too-plausible propaganda. As an expert advisor, and speaker, Nina specialises in how tech and AI are reshaping not only domestic democracy but also global geopolitics.

Nina’s practical experience includes her work during the Brexit referendum campaign, and the on-going evolution of Brexit since then. She worked on Emmanuel Macron’s astonishing campaign in 2017, and on the investigation of the allegations of Russian election interference in the US election and around the world since 2016.

During 2018, she advised a group of global leaders including Eileen Donahoe, Executive Director at Stanford University Global Digital Policy Incubator, Joe Biden, now US Presidential Election candidate 2020, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 12th Secretary General of NATO, leading research on disinformation via deep fakes.

Nina is a expert political advisor and technical consultant to technology firms, including Dalia Research of Berlin, a business reshaping the global insight industry via the app economy and data science to gather and analyse real-time data on worldwide public opinion. Today Nina speaks on the astonishing acceleration in the development of generative AI – systems such as ChatGPT promising to create ‘original’ content – with dramatic implications for economies and society.

Nina Schick is a significant and trusted contributor to broadcasters including the BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and Sky. She speaks seven languages including French, German, Spanish and holds degrees from Cambridge and UCL.

Sandro Boeri, Deutsche Bank

Sandro Boeri has operated as an internal auditor for more years than he cares to mention rising through the ranks to lead the functions of Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Credit Agricole and the Gerrard Group in London.

In 1999 he founded Risk Audit, a company specialising in the provision of consulting and training services to the financial services industry.

Having lived and survived the Global Financial Crisis, he developed an interest and conducted research into the root causes of poor behaviour in banking. He is now one of leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of managing and auditing culture.

He joined Deutsche Bank in 2017 to lead Group Audit’s Staff Development team and head up its Cultural Assessment processes.

Sandro is also a Council Member of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors and tabled for election as Deputy President.

Elizabeth Honer, CEO, UK Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA)

Elizabeth was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the UK Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) on 1 October 2018.

Her career spans over 30 years in the UK public sector, including in the former Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Houses of Parliament and the National Archives. She is a qualified public finance accountant (CPFA) and Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (CMIIA), and is actively engaged in developing the internal audit profession as a member of the Global Board of the Institute of Internal Auditors. She has extensive expertise in strategy development and implementation, organisational performance, governance and risk management, drawn from her practitioner experience and from academic research.

When not at work, she enjoys cycling, ballet and singing and is a volunteer Board trustee of a sight-loss charity, the Vision Foundation.

Richard F. Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, Senior Internal Audit Advisor, AuditBoard

Richard F. Chambers, CIA, CRMA, and CFE is founder and chief practice leader of Richard F Chambers and Associates and serves as Senior Internal Audit Advisor for AuditBoard - the leading cloud-based platform transforming how enterprises manage risk. Chambers also serves as a non-executive director on the Board of Directors of SWAP Internal Audit Services in the UK, the overseas Dean of China’s Nanjing Audit University, and on UNICEF’s Audit Advisory Committee.

Prior to his retirement in 2021, Chambers served for more than 12 years as president and CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the global professional association and standard-setting body for internal auditors. He has more than four decades of internal audit experience including service as national practice leader in Internal Audit Advisory Services at PwC; inspector general of the U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority; deputy inspector general of the U.S. Postal Service; and director of the U.S. Army Worldwide Internal Review Organization at the Pentagon.

Chambers is a globally-recognized blogger and an award-winning author, writing The Speed of Risk: Lessons Learned on the Audit Trail, 2nd Edition (2019), Trusted Advisors: Key Attributes of Outstanding Internal Auditors (2017); and Lessons Learned on the Audit Trail (2014). His fourth book, Agents of Change: Internal Auditors in an Era of Disruption was released in March 2021.

Preeti Sadarangani, Global Head of Internal Audit – Corporate and Commercial Functions, Vodafone Plc

Preeti, currently the Global Head of Internal Audit – Corporate and Commercial functions, Vodafone Plc – is a risk, governance, internal audit professional with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries and geographies.  She is a practising leadership and life coach and is a champion of diversity and inclusion at the workplace and in society at large.  She is also the proud winner of the ‘Inspirational Leader Award’ of the IIA in 2019




Kieran Coult, Apprentice Audit Analyst, Lloyds Banking Group

I am Kieran Coult - a 21-year-old London-based Apprentice Audit Analyst, currently undertaking my Level 7 Internal Audit Professional Apprenticeship at Lloyds Banking Group. In 2020, straight from school where I completed A-Levels in Business, Economics and History, I joined Lloyds Banking Group. Today, I am an Apprentice Audit Analyst supporting the Cloud & Technology Risk Audit team and having successfully completed placements in the Consumer Banking, Treasury Finance, Applied Sciences, Insurance, Pensions & Investments and Strategy & Change Audit teams. Since joining LBG, I have achieved my Institute of Internal Auditors Certificate in Internal Audit & Business Risk and completed my Level 4 - Internal Audit Practitioner Apprenticeship. I am now focused on becoming a Chartered Internal Auditor, completing my Level 7 - Apprenticeship with Birmingham City University and the IIA.