Internal Audit Conference | EQA reviewers

Interested in speaking to an EQA reviewer? To book an appointment, please contact our Professional Services Manager, Kevin Grimwood, with your preferred EQA reviewer. You can reach Kevin on email at:

David Finch

David has over 17 years’ experience in heads of audit, and director of risk and assurance roles for FTSE100, FTSE250 and private equity backed businesses in retailing, food manufacturing and supply chain environments.

Greg Coleman

Grey has a broad history of working in governance, risk management, and assurance roles for major multinational organisations in engineering, financial services, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.

David Alexander

David is a Chartered Accountant with extensive internal audit experience, gained from executive assurance and consulting roles held in the last 30 years for major financial services organisations.

Claire Ashby

Claire is highly experienced Internal Audit Effectiveness Reviewer and A Head of Internal Audit, who has held senior level audit positions in media, insurance, and charity organisations.

John Chesshire

A fellow of the Chartered IIA and Head of the Institute’s South West Committee, John has over 20 years’ experience in delivering internal audit services across public, private and third sector organisations.

John Moody

With over 25 years’ experience as a Head of Internal Audit, John is a specialist in internal audit, risk management and compliance for government, entertainment and not-for-profit sectors.

Vincent Lynch

Vincent has worked as A Head of Internal Audit for over 16 years and has completed more than twenty independent internal audit effectiveness reviews on behalf of the Chartered IIA.

Rachel Bowden

Rachel has over 20 years’ internal audit experience across both corporate and public sectors. During that time, she has undertaken EQAs for numerous commercial and publicly funded organisations.