Internal Audit Conference | Instructions

It's time to access the conference, create your avatar and engage with other delegates!

Please follow the videos below and FAQ section for any immediate queries.

Access the conference virtual world 

Our Internal Audit Conference is being delivered virtually by the digital platform, Virtway.

Click here to access the conference and follow the manual guide here to setup.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I create my avatar?

See 'How to create your avatar' video below.

How do I find a seat?

You will find a yellow icon placed on all seating areas. Simply click on the yellow seat icon and your avatar will sit down.

How do I move from one room to the next?

If you would like to exit the platform or move to a different room, simply select the "exit" button on the far-left of screen. This will take you to the "Internal Audit City" area. To teleport to a specific room, simply click on the icon located in the top right corner of a person with 3 circles and select your desired room.

How do I run/move quickly?

Select CTRL + FORWARD ARROW, or use your mouse to click on an area of the virtual world and your avatar will move towards it. Using your keyboard arrows will enable your avatar to move at a slower pace.

How do I access information located on boards/exhibition stands?

Many of the banners you see in Internal Audit City will be interactive. For some areas, you may notice a "play" button or call to action for you to "click here". If in doubt, simply click the image and, if it’s set to be interactive, you will be re-directed to the relevant information.

How do I know what room/area am I in?

The name of the room you’re in will appear in the top left corner of your screen. For example, the "Exhibition area" or "Auditorium".

How can I communicate with other avatars? (talk / chat /waving etc)

Ensure you’re close enough to the person/people you’d like to speak with and then press the icon with a headset. When it is orange, this means your mic is switched off. When it’s red, this means others can hear you. Remember, just like in real life, you will only be able to hear and speak with those in close proximity.

How do I adjust my sound?

Please select the "wheel" icon on the far right of your screen. Here you will find all your settings and the sound wizard option.

How can I remove the echo sound?

Please select the "wheel" icon to the far right of your screen, tick "echo cancellation" in settings.

How do I find my colleagues?

Click on the icon in the top right corner of your screen which features a person and magnifying glass and enter the name of the person you’re looking for. If you’re struggling to find someone, it may be because the room you’re in has reached its capacity for participants. Please make your way to the "Information Point" in "Internal Audit City" for guidance.

How do I adjust my view?

You have two viewings options in the top-right hand corner of your screen: select either the "camera" or the "eye" icon to change your viewpoint.

Why can’t I move/talk when the speakers are presenting?

While a presentation is running, delegates are only permitted to talk using the chat feature. This is to avoid any noise overlap during presentations.

How do I participate in the questions and answers (Q&A)?

Go to and enter the code #IA20, then select the room you’re in to submit your question to the speaker.

Why can't I stop clapping?

Don’t worry - simply select the "two-hand" symbol in the far left corner of your screen to stop and start applauding. 

How do I setup my virtual business card?

Virtual business cards are a helpful resource for sharing your business information and interests. Click here to find out how to setup your virtual business card.

What if application doesn't start on any browser?

If you’re experiencing difficulty opening the platform application, click here for further details.

How do I maximise my experience in Internal Audit City?

To ensure our Internal Audit City platform is running at its best, please check that all other applications are closed, such as VPN, Teams, and Zoom. 

What if I'm unable to access the rooms?

This may be because the room is at full capacity. Don't worry - you can access the speaker sessions here.

What if I still can't access the Conference?

Still having issues logging into the conference? Click here for assistance.

Watch these how-to videos

Below are a series of how-to videos exploring how to navigate the event smartly and efficiently.

How to access our virtual events platform

How to create your avatar

Your welcome bag

All event attendees residing in the UK and Ireland only will receive a complimentary welcome bag in the post. Delivery of which requires completion of a form. 

PLEASE NOTE: At this stage, we cannot guarantee your welcome bag will be delivered in time for the conference.

Click here to access the form.