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Financial risk management

Presented by: Mat Cooling

Since the 2008 financial crisis organisations have operated in an increasingly turbulent and volatile operating environment.  No sector has been insulated from this with high profile failures of banks, FTSE listed organisations and public sector bodies.  Financial volatility is likely to continue over the years to come as countries continue to battle the pandemic and Government and personal debt levels unseen since World War II have to begin to be repaid.  It has arguably never been as vital for organisations to have a robust financial risk management framework which is responsive and forward looking.  This accelerated  course will help equip auditors to ask the right questions of finance and non-finance professionals to provide assurance over the capability and capacity of organisations to manage this risk.

Who should attend?

Internal auditors and other assurance professionals with an interest in developing their team’s ability to assess an organisation’s financial risk management framework.  No specific finance experience required other than an awareness of the basics of financial operations. 

What will I learn? 

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • articulate the key components of a financial risk management framework
  • understand and critique the assessment, reporting and management of financial risk
  • recognise the linkages between financial risk management and the wider ERM approach.

Course programme

Financial Risk Management Framework (FRM)

  • what’s included in financial risk management including key areas of:
    • market risk
    • liquidity risk
    • credit risk

Governance of financial risk management

  • key risk areas all organisations should consider
  • practical ways of assessing complex financial risks
  • ensuring FRM is not the preserve of finance professionals


  • Linking FRM risks with non-financial risks such as supply chain risk
  • FRM and treasury risk – differences and similarities

CPE competency areas covered

  • Performance - (Engagement fieldwork | Engagement outcomes | Risk management | Internal control)
  • Environment - (Accounting and finance)

 2.5 CPE points



22 March 2022




Live virtual course
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Member fee £149.00 ex. VAT

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