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Internal audit analytics - data and visualisation

Presented by Mindgrove


The Digital World and Big Data is forcing internal auditors to rethink their approach and get ‘hands-on’. This course takes you on a tour of how to get the best out of the software available to most auditors and during this journey find ways to speed up the fieldwork phase of an audit and uncover facts from data.

This course is open to all. NOTE: This is a 'hands-on' course, and delegates will need a laptop with an installed copy of Microsoft Office version 2010 or later. They will also need an ability to install two other software elements if they wish to explore the full hands-on content supported by the course. Each delegate will need to be able to copy data (comprising example Excel, PDF, TXT and Access files onto their device and be able to access, at least, the standard features of a standard installation of Microsoft Excel. The use of a mouse is recommended for some exercises as some features within Microsoft Office are difficult to access via a touchpad. Delegates who arrive on course without these defined capabilities will either not be able to proceed or will only be able to enjoy partial course content.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • perform audit testing on up to 100% of the data available to you electronically
  • put vital components of Office to work in the most efficient manner
  • manage and manipulate data to support findings and create persuasive results.

The course is accompanied by a manual and practice data.

Course programme

Data - working hands-on with Excel

  • setting up Excel
  • checking spreadsheet integrity and formulae – locating sources of error
  • re‐performance and virtual calculations – key audit skills
  • short cuts and power searching
  • Excel statistics and other hidden tools within Excel
  • filtering and stratification to find values, ranges and outliers
  • simple and multi-layer sortation
  • conditional formatting – illuminate values, find outliers, find missing or null values, find unique or duplicate values, find best match
  • using formatting to drive sortation
  • using colour, icons, and thematic schemes
  • macros – how to record and store
  • formulae – key formulae worth learning
  • creating audit workpapers using Excel

Data – displaying results

  • pivot tables and slicers
  • multisource pivot tables
  • histograms and charts that dazzle
  • embedding results in your reports
  • auto refreshing data on data source change

Data – getting data into Excel

  • connecting with external data sources
  • the JET engine, MSQRY and ODBC (open data base connectivity)
  • importing data from simple files, structured files, the intranet, data bases and the web
  • Power editor and Power Query
  • transforming input data: changing, splitting, merging, and blending data
  • power merge and fuzzy data matching
  • saving rules and sources of data for further use

Data analytics, dashboards and displays

  • Power BI – business intelligence for data display
  • connecting to external data
  • making connections with different data sources simultaneously
  • editing, transforming, and modelling data
  • generating dashboards and interactive analytics
  • multipage dashboards
  • refreshing and sharing dashboards
  • creating dashboards using other products such as Tableau

CPE competency areas covered

  • Environment (Information technology)

7 CPE points

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14 January 2022




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