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The changing world of audit - artificial intelligence

Presented by Mindgrove


Over the last few years, the media has been filling our screens and publications with news of impending doom about armies of robots taking over the world and disrupting our normal way of life. This course will tune you in to current developments in the fields of AI, robotics and machine learning and suggest how internal audit functions may have to adjust to a new reality.

Who should attend?

Open to everyone, no technical knowledge is necessary.

What will I learn? 

Upon completion you will be able to

  • understand developments stemming from innovative technologies
  • understand how auditing these technologies may be approached
  • understand how audit may have to adjust to a new reality.

The course is accompanied by a manual that includes key course notes.

Course programme

Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning – what are these technologies?

  • examples of AI – how advanced are today’s AI systems?
  • machine learning – what is it and how does it work?
  • what are the issues for machine learning?
  • robotics – what sort of robots exist outside of the movies?

Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning – how might these be audited?

  • how do I know what instances of AI, robotics and machine learning are designed to do?
  • how do I know what control structures have been built into solutions?
  • how do designers and engineers test AI and machine learning?
  • how could I conduct my own independent tests?
  • will I be able to rank or grade any issues I find?
  • how might controls be fixed if I uncover un-remediated risks?
  • how can I audit a system that is constantly changing?
  • can I get independent assurances from other sources?

Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning – how might these change the audit role?

  • what does an auditor do that might be better done by machine?

CPE competency areas covered

  • Environment (Information technology)

7 CPE points

Full price

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Non-member: £840 + VAT

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28 March 2022




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