Training and events

We organise a wide range of training courses, events, masterclasses and workshops to help you learn, stay connected and keep up to date. 

Training courses

Our training courses have been expertly developed by internal auditors to help you achieve personal and professional development.

Our portfolio includes live virtual courses, online training courses and in-house training.

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Our events cover the full scope of internal audit, from small scale functions exploring specific topics to key conferences addressing the big picture.

With our events taking place across the whole of the UK and Ireland, members can be rest assured of dedicated coverage in their chosen region.

Whether you’re a practitioner or a head of internal audit, our events programme has you sorted.

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CIA masterclasses

We offer two sets of masterclasses: CIA masterclasses and CIA Challenge Exam masterclasses. Our CIA masterclasses prepare you for the CIA exams whilst our CIA Challenge Exam masterclasses prepare you for the CIA Challenge Exam ( a fast-track route available only to members of qualified accounting bodies).

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Explore our CIA Challenge Exam masterclasses

Presentations and documents

Attended one of our events recently and looking for the slides? All Chartered IIA events are currently running virtually. Where possible, we aim to record our events and make available their contents as video recordings.

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Group booking form

Our group booking form is available for group bookings and applies to all of our events.

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