Live virtual courses

Our live virtual courses are delivered in a remote learning format and are led by our specialist tutors. All live virtual courses offer CPE points, content and learning materials.

Why take our live virtual courses?

  • Study undistracted: From work or home.
  • Learn and interact: With fellow delegates in a dynamic online training environment combining video, voice and chat messaging.
  • Share and exchange: Ideas using sophisticated virtual dashboards that allow for easy conversation and discussion.  

What you need

  • A digital device with video and audio functionality: A laptop or tablet device with a camera and microphone will do just fine.
  • A reliable internet connection: That supports video conferencing.


Geopolitical risk and the role of the internal auditor

“This course has provided me with a greater depth of understanding of sources of geopolitical risk and I’m far better placed to support my organisation develop its own awareness.”




Auditing cash flow management

The course was among the best that I have attended with the Chartered IIA. It deepened my knowledge and understanding of the cash management/Treasury function, its activities, its criticality to the business and, perhaps most important, the controls that internal auditors should expect to see in this area. Raj leveraged his wealth of personal experience on this topic to bring the subject matter to life in an engaging and insightful manner. I’m very glad I signed up for this course. 

Chris Sudlow, Senior Internal Auditor, discoverIE Group PLC

An introduction to professional internal auditing

This course exceeded my expectations. I learnt extremely valuable knowledge that I will apply to my practical working day. Stephen was amazing in his delivery style, fun and engaging.


Heads of internal audit – induction masterclass

"The course was excellent from beginning to end: the content, presentation, and discussions were so informative and helpful. There were only three of us on the course and I believe that made a big difference from a virtual point of view."


The basics that matter - scoping and work programme design

Having attended The Basics that Matter course, myself and all the attendees came away quite invigorated about going back to our roles and
remembering the basis of scoping audits. James Paterson delivered an engaging presentation and made the subject very insightful. We also now have
a number of new tools in our toolkit for scoping our audits. Excellent


Data analytics for auditors

"I found the course interesting and insightful. It was really helpful to get involved in discussions with other IA professionals to hear how they do things. Thank you to you and the team for great course content and good conversation".



ESG: Environmental | Social | Governance

"John Chesshire is a worldly-wise speaker. On the complex, evolving subject of ESG, he sees the wood for the trees. A great choice by the Chartered IIA."


New courses for 2024

Incorporating root cause analysis into an audit methodology and work programmes

Practical application of key root cause analysis techniques

Data analytics for auditors | Internal audit analytics - data and visualisation

Today, audit teams want to maximise the use of data in their audit programmes. Many audit teams are doing some data analytics already, and most teams have a range of skills, experience and interest.  But others struggle to get buy-in or are not sure where and how to start or are struggling to make the most of their existing tools.

In collaboration with our training Partners, Technology4Business and Mindgrove, the Chartered IIA is delighted to bring you two CPE-accredited audit specific data analytics programmes to help you wherever you are in your data analytics journey.

Data analytics for auditors

Designed for those new to data analytics, as well as those with some experience but are self-taught, this course will provide auditors with practical knowledge and skills for embedding data analytics into their audit work.

Delivered via Teams over 6 x 3 hour sessions, the course is a practical introduction to data analytics and covers:

  • understanding data and data structure to enable auditors to “talk the language of data”
  • practical advice on how data analytics can be effectively introduced into your audit team and the audit process
  • includes how to plan and document your audit analytics
  • includes practical activities and skills to obtain, prepare and analyse data (using Excel) facilitated discussions about WHERE, HOW, data analysis can be used in YOUR audit plan
  • includes post-training “surgeries” for ongoing discussions and advice as you put the training into practice.

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Internal audit analytics - data and visualisation

A Mindgrove one-day hands-on programme for those auditors looking to get the best out of Excel and related free software, and who need to learn how to add value to the planning, fieldwork and reporting phases of a review.

Together, both programmes enable audit teams to plan, implement and embed data analytics into their audit process.

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An Introduction to professional internal auditing

This practical course will guide you through the principles and techniques of internal auditing to help you plan and perform internal audit work in line with the latest standards and best practice.

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Auditing specialist topics

As an internal auditor, it’s important that you know how to review specific areas of a business. We provide a variety of courses covering specialist topics, which equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform an effective review.

geopolitical riskcorporate governance: an ESG masterclass | auditing contracts, outsourcing and procurementauditing culture | fraud and financial crime | project management | treasury | data security | IT auditing - basecampIT auditing - next steps | cybercrime and cyber crisis management | auditing employee health, welfare and well-being | auditing HR | auditing cash flow management | sanctions: it's a world of pain out there | people auditing: assurance over people engagement | auditing climate risk | auditing social risks | auditing management information | auditing ESG: a strategic overview

Tools and techniques

Internal audit is a fast-paced profession. You need to keep up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques and methodology to meet the demands of the job. The courses we offer in this area give you practical guidance on a range of topics that matter.

 assurance mapping | lean & agile root cause analysis | incorporating root cause analysis | practical application of key root cause analysistechniques for effective testing | agreeing findings and actions | audit report writing | audit planning | improving audit efficiency | effective remote and hybrid internal auditing | managing IA strategic and management risks | internal audit analytics | basics that matter - scoping and work programme design delivery | data analytics for auditors

Strategy and leadership

Senior internal auditors must work ever more closely with business leaders, audit committee members, peers and audit teams. This requires strong stakeholder management and influencing skills. Our strategy-led courses teach you how to think strategically, plan efficiently and motivate with confidence.

HIA | preparing for an EQA | successful influencing and political savvy strategies | behavioural risks | leading and delivering IA engagements | managing yourself and others

Soft skills

Interpersonal skills such as communication and the art of persuasion are just as vital to internal auditors as technical skills. With the soft skills-related courses we deliver, you’ll discover the key challenges you’re likely to face.

handling difficult client situations 

Meet the tutors

Our tutors hail from all over and are experts in internal audit. Their face-face courses mix practical insight and industry know-how to help you get head in the profession. With their knowledge and your willingness to learn, you should come away feeling not only enriched but also inspired.

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