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Course selection

We will be going live with a new course that will help you meet your ethics requirements for CPE.

  • Conform to the Code of Ethics - the HIA View | 2 CPE points | For HIAs, but anyone can do it | The course provides an overview of the what HIAs need to do support their teams conform with the Code of Ethics Go live: Early October.

Interpreting financial reports 

A course to explore the use and interpretation of financial reports audit work.

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Introduction to accounting ratios

This course will help you analyse financial data and, more importantly, understand how to interpret this analysis to form useful conclusions about an organisation.

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Professional ethics for internal audit

A course focused on how to practically apply the Code of Ethics

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Articulating risks and controls

An online course helping internal auditors distinguish between and define risks, risk impacts, controls, and control failures in the context of an organisation. 

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Understanding the International Professional Practices Framework

The IPPF is fundamental to your role as an internal auditor. This course gives you a grounding in the framework.

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Accounting and finance: risks and controls

Organisations need functions and systems to receive, manage and distribute funds. This course provides an overview of the purposes of these functions and systems, and the common risks associated with them.

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Auditing marketing

With reputation frequently ranked among the most significant areas of risk for many organisations, the marketing function and its activities - often partly undertaken by everyone in the organisation - ought to be a key area of internal audit focus.

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Conflict of Interest

This interactive, scenario-based course covers this vital subject. Helping you to maintain high ethical standards in your day-to-day internal audit work by helping you recognise and avoid actual - or potential - conflicts of interest.

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Ethical dilemmas in internal audit work

A course exploring ethical focus and the steps needed to handle ethically challenging situations.

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Harness your voice to achieve results that matter

The course will focus on the voice and its various components, as well as explore the choice and use of language.

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Introduction to negotiation

As an internal auditor you negotiate throughout the engagement process. In this course we determine what negotiation is and provide frameworks and techniques for carrying out effective negotiations ultimately achieving joint outcomes that all parties will make happen.  

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Deliver audit insights with macroeconomics

During this course you will learn about economic cycles, key macroeconomic indicators, and the interplay between them.

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Confidentiality and the internal auditor

The course provides an overview of the mandatory requirements for internal auditors with regard to confidentiality that are included in the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). 

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Quality in internal audit

This course explores what quality means for internal audit, and how an internal audit function might embed quality in its systems and processes.

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