Chartered by Experience (CBE) assessment

Available to senior practitioners, the Chartered by Experience programme is aimed at those who are able to clearly demonstrate their professional competence via a written application and panel interview

To be eligible you must first join as an Affiliate member and in addition -

  • Applicants should attend an Audit Committee or similar committee of the board of the organisation where they work. This should be a regular attendance, requiring the applicant to have a relationship with the Audit Committee and the senior management team of the organisation.
  • Where the organisation is large, it is likely that there will be junior audit committees based on corporate structure, geographic region, or business divisions. Formal responsibility to attend one or more of these junior audit Committee meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Applicants should manage the Internal Audit function - this can be in their own right as HIA, deputy to the HIA or similar for a minimum of 18 months.
  • Applicants can demonstrate that they have significant responsibility for delivering the responsibilities of Chief Audit Executive as set out in global internal auditing standards.
  • Candidates should have relevant senior experience and be able to demonstrate adherence to our key competencies which are –
    • Professionalism
    • Proven Business Acumen
    • Current Role
    • Attributes
    • Technical Expertise

More detailed information about the competencies can be found here

The application fee to become chartered by experience is £1,963 +VAT. Please read the requirements and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria as your application fee is non-refundable.

If you require an invoice, please contact us directly at as we will need to register you manually. We can then issue you an invoice. 

How to apply

Once you've registered as a candidate, please provide the following information as part of your application, using the following (Word) templates:

  • Your candidate statement
  • A sponsor statement
  • Two referee statements from your current or most recent employer: one should be from your line manager, the second can be from another senior representative who has knowledge of your work
  • Your CV
  • Your employer's organisational chart
  • Copies of relevant academic and professional qualifications used to support your application

Please provide all your information at the same time and email it to

Once your application is submitted, you will then wait to see if you have been shortlisted for a panel interview. All interviews are currently being conducted online using video conferencing software, until further notice. 

On the day of the assessment, applicants must have a current photographic ID with them. This can be a passport, driving license or a government issue ID, E.g., NHS/Civil Service and pass scheme cards. Applicants will be required to show their ID at the start of their assessment. If they do not have a valid ID, they will not be able to go through their assessment and they will have to postpone their assessment interview until they have a valid ID.  

The assessment interview will be recorded for quality assurance purposes. However, the recording will be only kept for 60 days and then it will be destroyed. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us at .



If you are already booked for assessment, here are the key dates that you will need:


Key dates for July 2024 assessment

Register online for CBE by   CLOSED
Written application deadline      7 June 2024
Interview shortlist announced 17 June 2024
Panel interviews via a video conference                      1 and 2 July 2024                  
Result confirmed 15 July 2024


Key dates for September 2024 assessment

Register online for CBE by   12 August 2024
Written application deadline      27 August  2024
Interview shortlist announced 11 September 2024
Panel interviews via a video conference                      23 and 24 September 2024                  
Result confirmed 9 October 2024


For more information, please call 020 7498 0101 or email

CBE success stories

“An enhanced sense of professional confidence and the reassurance that both myself and the team are on the right track. It has been acknowledged by the CEO and ARC, who commented that they see it also as a benefit for the company overall.”

Stephen Foster, Senior Vice President Audit & Assurance

Read Stephen’s experience of CBE here.

“I would recommend this to anyone that has come into audit from another senior business or senior finance area/role. To me the reasons for such a move are very clear - it's a really useful process to confirm to others you have the necessary skills and experience, and to confirm to yourself your knowledge of our profession.”

Mark Taylor, VP Operational Audit and Risk

Read Mark’s experience of CBE here.

“The CMIIA designation is a badge I will wear with pride and I would expect that any recruitment consultant would see it as a strong professional endorsement for a chief auditor role.”

Charles Clayton, Group Head of Internal Audit

Read Charles’s experience of CBE here.


See our FAQs for information for information on how to apply for CBE and what to include in your application form.

Information disclosure

Please note: We may provide confirmation of your chartered status to your current or prospective employer if they ask. 

Terms and conditions

If, for any reason, you fail to submit your written application by the published deadline, we may allow you to defer until the next available assessment session. Deferral may be subject to an administration fee.

Please read our full terms and conditions.

Ready to apply?

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23 September 2024
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24 September 2024
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