CIA Challenge Exam

Master the skills you need for success 

Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) opens the door to a world of exciting new opportunities in internal audit.  

As a certified CIA, you will join a community of elite industry leaders and gain advanced recognition which is respected across the world. We’re here to support you in preparing for your CIA Challenge Exam, the best way you can. 

Our CIA masterclasses cover the full CIA Challenge Exam syllabus and give you everything you need to pass the Exam.  

Delivered online in a format designed for busy lives, the classes take place as four short 3.5-hour sessions over four consecutive days.  

  • Access our Online Workshop to download additional guidance, mind maps, slide decks, workbooks and more, as well as discussing topics with your tutor and fellow candidates via the chatroom. 
  • Get focused support from our industry leading expert tutors. 
  • Work through example exam questions directly with your tutor, to understand why answers are right or wrong. 

Build your confidence as an internal audit professional and achieve your CIA designation. 

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