Outstanding team (4 sub-categories)

  • Public sector
  • Private sector (non-FS)
  • Financial services sector
  • Third sector - NEW

We want to hear about teams that have performed exceptionally and/or have achieved exceptional results. We are looking for teams that have overcome challenges (within their organisations or externally), have operated in new, unfamiliar, or technically demanding areas, or who have otherwise demonstrated exemplary professional auditing skills, teamwork, and personal abilities.

Please note: In recognition of the fact that some third-sector teams are extremely small, nominees in the third-sector category do not have to be a member of the Chartered IIA or have a member in their team. They do, however, need to be complying with Chartered IIA Standards.

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Inspirational leader

We are looking for a Chief Audit Executive or a Head of Internal Audit who has demonstrated not only superb technical skills, but who has also achieved exceptional results because of their leadership, strategic and soft skills. The winner will be inspirational not only to members of their own team, but also more widely within their organisation. They should demonstrate a clear view of the future of internal audit and of the ways in which they are developing their team and the function to be fit for this future.

Evidence should include not only examples of successful audits, but also accounts of the ways in which this person leads their team, sets an example, encourages junior internal auditors, and increases the influence of internal audit within the wider organisation. The judges also want to see evidence of the individual’s superior commercial acumen and of the ways in which they are actively supporting management and the organization to deal with commercial challenges.

Best innovation in training and development

Has your organisation implemented a fantastic new training scheme or a new system for developing the skills of the internal audit team? Has it found a way to engage staff with their continuing development obligations or introduced better ways to share the collective knowledge and expertise of the team with peers and new recruits? We are looking for bright ideas and lateral thinking about training and development as well as for evidence of improved results or increased motivation to take and pass additional qualifications.

The Judges’ award for change and innovation in response to a crisis - NEW

At a time when organisations are facing many crises – from COVID-19 to climate change – we want to hear how internal audit is innovating to meet emerging and developing corporate needs. Please provide evidence of things that you are doing differently or for the first time.

We want to see examples demonstrating the ways you have used your imagination and business acumen and of the opportunities to improve and change that you have spotted and utilized. What results have these had so far and what will they enable you to do in future? Explain what effect they have had on the business and on your relationship with management and the board.

Special award in memory of Sarah Blackburn: Outstanding contribution to corporate governance by an audit committee chair - NEW

This is a special, one-off award in memory of Sarah Blackburn and her passion for promoting exemplary corporate governance.

We want to hear about audit committee chairs who have worked closely with their head of internal audit to create a strong, constructive relationship. We want to see evidence of how this relationship and support has improved standards of corporate governance and helped to boost the perception of internal audit and understanding of the value of the highest corporate governance standards throughout the organization. Please demonstrate how this has facilitated the work of internal audit and improved its ability to support the business.

Please note: this person should be nominated by a head of internal audit and endorsed by the chief executive or chair of the board.


  • Entries will be judged purely on what applicants include on their nomination forms and on whether they have met all the criteria and provided the information requested
  • Failure to provide requested endorsements from senior management/the head of internal audit will result in entries being rejected
  • The judges will be looking for clear evidence of results and the way in which an individual, team or system has met an explained need or resolved a problem
  • Individuals can nominate themselves or their team, as well as their colleagues, but must provide supporting endorsements where these are requested.
  • Organisations and teams can send in multiple nominations as long as each nomination meets all the required criteria
  • Potential nominees who are in any doubt about the appropriate category in which to nominate someone should contact the A&R editor at