Auditing specialist topics

At some time or another internal auditors will be asked to review most - if not all - of these areas of the business. Our courses will examine the features of each function and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to perform an effective review.

Auditing contracts, outsourcing and procurement 

Learn about the risks that result from your organisation engaging in contracts, procurement or outsourcing.

Auditing corporate governance  

Learn how to provide effective, professional insight and internal audit assurance on corporate governance.

Auditing culture

Internal auditors are being asked to comment on the culture of the departments and organisations they audit. Learn how to approach a cultural audit. 

Auditing fraud and financial risk

Internal auditors are expected to provide assurance over their organisation's fraud risk management and control infrastructure. Learn how to address fraud risk management and provide assurance in this key area. 

Auditing human resources and people risk

People are regularly described as an organisation's greatest asset and they can also be the source of significant risk.  Understand the role and importance of a modern HR function and how it should support the achievement of organisational objectives.

Auditing projects, project management and project risk

Success or failure of a project can have a significant impact on an organisation's success. This course is an introduction to the subject of projects and project risk.

Auditing the treasury function

Unlock auditing fundamentals to effectively review treasury activity and risks.

Data risks, security and GDPR compliance

New technology poses risks. Learn how to review your organisation's data security safeguards and tips on protecting against data loss.

Internal audit analytics – data & visualisation

Discover tips and tricks to speed up your work, particularly in the controls testing and reporting phases of an audit.

IT Audit - Basecamp

Learn how to confidently perform a review of the impact of technology on your organisation.

IT Audit - next steps

Designed to lift your understanding of IT audit to the next level. This course will focus on what is 'doable' by any auditor approaching the field of IT audit.

The changing world of audit - artificial intelligence, robotics & machine learning

Find out how internal audit functions may have to adjust to a new reality.

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