Live virtual | Auditing conduct risk

Presented by: Stan Dormer

When we talk about ‘conduct risk’ we often go on to describe the risk of customer or client product controls failing, or maybe, 'treating customers unfairly'. And, as we know, conduct is on the radar of regulators, leading to penalties or even delicensing. This course leads you through strategies for auditing this subject.

Who should attend?

  • Open to all.
  • This course lends itself to a collaborative and interactive style, therefore numbers will be restricted to five.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • identify and define the difference between conduct risk and other types of risk
  • understand how conduct risk can be qualitatively or quantitatively measured
  • be able to undertake an audit of conduct risk within your organisation.

How do I book?

We're here to help you. Those interested in undertaking this course virtually should get in touch with Jo Allen, our Training Manager, who can be reached directly on 0207 819 1922. Or on email at

Course programme

About conduct risk

  • what constitutes conduct risk – what is different about conduct risk?
  • can you define and measure conduct risk?
  • is auditing conduct risk any different from auditing any other type of risk?

Auditing conduct risk

  • are we considering the interests of our customers and treating them fairly?
  • can we prove we have a culture that supports customer interests?
  • how do we differentiate between high and low risk customer products?
  • who challenges products from the customer's perspective?
  • how are products shaped to meet customer's expectations?
  • are our controls proportionate to risk levels?
  • how do we incentivise product sales and deployment?
  • do we ensure that products are correctly described for defined customer profiles?
  • do third parties market, sell or distribute our products?
  • how do we control third parties?
  • do we have appropriate on-going product service arrangements for our customers?
  • how do we process claims and complaints?
  • is conduct risk reassessed at routine intervals or when business strategy changes?
  • do we perform stress scenario analysis and challenge against our products?

CPE competency areas covered

  • Business acumen
  • Governance, risk and control

7 CPE points

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