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Auditing staff welfare and wellbeing risk

Presented by John Chesshire


Increasingly, the best organisations have recognised the need to properly ensure the welfare and wellbeing of their critical human resources. They are demonstrating a real duty of care through word, practice and action - evidencing that people are indeed their greatest asset. What is your organisation doing in this critical area and how is it managing the associated risks in the changed, post-2020 world?

This course will show you how to provide effective, insightful internal audit assurance and advice over evolving, topical and business critical aspects of staff welfare and wellbeing, giving you the tools and understanding to plan and conduct your own value adding engagements in this vital area.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will:

  • understand the role and importance of HR, staff health, welfare and wellbeing practices
  • recognise the key objectives of staff welfare and wellbeing and the advantages that a focus on these areas can bring an organisation and its people
  • identify and assess risk and appropriate mitigation associated with staff welfare and well-being, from an internal audit perspective
  • deliver professional insight and internal audit assurance on these challenging and evolving subjects, covering both the workplace and remote, homeworking environments
  • better understand emerging trends, good practices and developments in these areas
  • be able to access additional resources to help you audit staff welfare and wellbeing in your organisation more effectively. 

Who should attend

This one-day course is designed to be relevant to internal auditors from every business sector and for delegates with varying levels of practical experience. It is of most relevance to those who are about to audit staff health, welfare and wellbeing risk, or the HR function, or who need to know more about these activities.

Course Programme

  • people risk and its importance
  • a background to staff health, welfare and wellbeing and its importance for all organisations, irrespective of sector
  • staff health, welfare and wellbeing purpose and objectives
  • the alternate staff health, welfare and wellbeing strategies available to organisations
  • key staff health, welfare and wellbeing risks and options for risk mitigation
  • topical issues, emerging trends, good practices and developments in these areas
  • common challenges and issues faced when auditing staff health, welfare and wellbeing practices and how to overcome these.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Performance (Engagement planning | Engagement fieldwork | Engagement outcomes)
  • Environment (Common Business Processes)

7 CPE points

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