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Auditing management information and digital

Presented by: John Chesshire

The Chartered Institute’s previous Risk in Focus Survey reported that, “Data and information - whether customer credentials or intellectual property - are economic assets on which all organisations depend.”

But how good is your organisation’s management information and the ways in which it manages this information?

Companies may no longer have a true picture of the extent of digitalisation within their organisation, who is responsible for it, the quality of the information produced and where the risks lie. In an effort to drive swift change, digitalisation may proliferate unchecked and key controls may not be paid their due attention, increasing security and data privacy vulnerabilities.

Do you want to stay ahead of the game and hear more about effective management information, information management and how digitalisation brings new opportunities and threats to any organisation?

With digitalisation shifting up a gear, the third line's first concern should be whether the business model is being sufficiently adapted to meet the new digital reality.

Our key stakeholders require internal audit engagements that are insightful, forward looking, and go beyond simply preserving value to creating value for our organisations. This accelerated course will show you where you can begin to provide effective, professional internal audit assurance on these critical subjects, enabling you to deliver well-received engagements that deliver the insight our boards need.

Who should attend?

This accelerated course is designed for chief audit executives, internal audit managers, senior internal auditors and internal auditors involved in planning and delivering assurance engagements over management information, information management and digitalisation. It is also suitable for other professionals in the second line who are interested in finding out more about these subjects.

What will I learn?

In this standalone, accelerated course you will:

  • have a succinct, focused introduction to this critical subject
  • learn about latest thinking and topical practices in this area
  • hear new ideas and techniques that will give you the confidence and skills to undertake effective internal audit engagements of management information
  • effectively assess risk and appropriate mitigation associated
  • access additional resources to help you more effectively.

Course Programme

A focused overview of topical management issues:

  • what is management information
  • the qualities of effective management information
  • information management and governance
  • digitalisation – opportunities and threats
  • how management information underpins decision-making and reporting
  • potential assurance and consulting/advisory engagements to add value in the post-pandemic, hybrid business environment.

Objectives and risks - both threats and opportunities.

The Board’s management information and digital assurance needs.

Key resources from the Chartered Institute and elsewhere to help you audit this subject.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Performance (Engagement planning)
  • Environment (Common business processes | Information technology)

2.5 CPE points



Live virtual course
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