Cyber preparedness and incident handling

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High-profile technology issues are in the news – a business being hacked, a company being stopped in its tracks because it is under attack, or somebody coming to harm because of a stolen identity. This course will help you better understand cybercrime and the IT controls that must be in place to help protect your organisation.

Who should attend?

All are welcome to attend - including those who do not have any specialist IT auditing skills.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • understand more about the current nature of cyber-threat
  • know more about how the organisation can and should defend itself.

The course is accompanied by a manual that includes key course notes.

Course programme

 Cybercrime – the situation

  • where do cyber-attacks come from and who or what is being targeted?
  • what type of attacks are taking place against the individual?
  • what type of attacks are taking place against the organisation?
  • can’t we stop these attacks?

Cybercrime – preparedness and incident handling

  • best practice: the key cyber controls
  • best practice: vulnerability notification and detection
  • best practice: vulnerability correction
  • best practice: configuration and change management
  • best practice: security and penetration testing to find holes in systems
  • best practice: incident anticipation and incident management
  • best practice: resilience and recovery

Cybercrime – what next?

  • what should my organisation track or follow?
  • will insurance cover the situation?
  • what must we do if we are breached?

How do I book?

We're here to help you. Those interested in undertaking this course virtually should get in touch with Jo Allen, our Training Manager, who can be reached directly on 0207 819 1922. Or on email at

CPE competency areas covered

  • improvement and innovation
  • business acumen
  • governance, risk and control

7 CPE points

Full price

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Non-member: £840 + VAT

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