Environmental, social and governance

Our course on environmental, social and governance matters are the perfect starting point for learning about ESG and proved to be one of our most popular courses in 2022! The Chartered Institute’s Risk In Focus 2023 survey has since highlighted ESG as a key area of concern for increasing numbers of CAEs across Europe, whatever size, sector or scale of internal audit team. Join us on this course to gain a focused overview of ESG, with each element broken down into key, topical areas of interest, risk and audit activity. As an extra bonus, we’ve updated this course again for 2023.

It's now time to act.

Do you want to stay ahead of the game and hear more about ESG to better meet your stakeholders current and future assurance needs?

Our key stakeholders require internal audit engagements that are insightful, forward looking, and go beyond simply preserving value to creating value for our organisations. This course will show you where you can begin to provide effective, professional internal audit assurance on these critical subjects, enabling you to deliver well-received engagements that deliver the insight our boards need.

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