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Improving audit efficiency

Presented by Mindgrove

This course showcases ideas, tools, processes, and strategies to help you to improve your efficiency as an audit team and help you improve the value and business relevance of your work.

Who should attend?

  • This course is open to all.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • use techniques to improve both the efficiency and relevance of internal audit
  • execute proven strategies to help optimise the audit process
  • deploy thoughtful techniques and tools to help improve audit engagement and performance
  • overall, grasp and explore the evolution of internal audit.

Delegates will spend a good proportion of course time discussing issues or dealing with the practicalities of auditing. The course is accompanied by a fully detailed manual that holds detailed course notes, examples, and practical work.

Course programme

How audit is evolving – agile and flexible approaches

  • can we transpose AGILE into an audit context?
  • key questions and ideas for exploration by the audit team
  • delivering better value
  • making better connections with management
  • further application of AGILE – consultative approaches
  • optimising workflow – LEAN – disintermediation and creating flow
  • alternative workflows – efficiency and speeding up decision making.

Tools that deliver value and engagement: visual imagery

  • why use process models as part of the audit process?
  • uncovering a story a bit at a time
  • an internal audit ‘house style’ theme for process maps
  • process mapping to help focus on the most likely risks
  • process quantification using ordinary tools
  • using specialist mapping software with calculating capabilities
  • drawing management into the conversation using imagery
  • getting the best out of your time: interviewing and imagery.

Tools and practices that can improve the efficiency of audit influencing

  • tools to aid conversation – data analytic functions and Power BI
  • tools to aid retrieval of text from documents
  • tools to aid fuzzy data matching
  • tools for speech to text
  • tools to help paperless working.

Techniques that target the report writing process

  • good design sells conclusions faster
  • report writing quality improvements – self checking guidelines
  • checklist for executive summaries
  • checklist before final distribution
  • report writing speed improvements – sparse reporting.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Performance (Engagement fieldwork | Engagement outcomes)

7 CPE points

Full price

Member: £688 + VAT
Non-member: £924 + VAT

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22 March 2023




Live virtual course
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