People auditing: assurance over employee engagement

People are regularly described as an organisation's greatest asset. They can also be the source of significant risk. The Chartered Institute’s Risk in Focus 2023 survey highlights “human capital, diversity and talent management” as second place in its list of key risks identified by CAEs.

Effective employee engagement helps organisations navigate the difficult ‘people’ challenges of the post-pandemic world, including recruitment, retention, motivation, and productivity. As the CIPD state, “Feeling engaged is evidently good for workers. Most definitions of engagement describe employees who are healthier, happier, more fulfilled, or more motivated. For organisations, research has repeatedly shown that measures of engagement go together with higher performance. More broadly, other studies show that positive relationships between aspects of employee engagement and other business metrics, including customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, staff retention, efficiency and health and safety performance”.

But how engaged are your organisation’s people? Is this a threat or opportunity today? How well is your organisation, its leaders, Human Resources, and managers across the entity managing the associated risks, in a joined-up, coherent and coordinated way? Not sure? You’re not alone!

This one-day course will help you provide effective, professional insight and internal audit assurance and advice over this emerging, and vitally important, area of Board-level interest.

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26 January 2024
Live virtual course
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