Live virtual | Handling difficult situations – challenges and strategies

Presented by: Stan Dormer

Another day passes and another delay drags out the progress of your audit – sounds familiar? We have all met non-cooperative people that make you feel edgy as they subtly challenge your work or do not listen. This course suggests nine core strategies for you to deploy to help keep you in the driving seat

Who should attend?

This course is open to all.

What will I learn?

After completion you will be better able to:

  • keep calm and stay in control of tense situations
  • save energy and time in reaching agreements
  • understand better how to deal with tricky human beings.

The course is accompanied by a manual that includes key course notes.

How do I book?

We're here to help you. Those interested in undertaking this course virtually should get in touch with Jo Allen, our Training Manager, who can be reached directly on 0207 819 1922. Or on email at

Course programme 

Core strategies for dealing with challenging situations

  • what is acceptable and what crosses the line – distinguishing between challenging and threatening behaviours
  • how proven behavioural strategies help you deal with tense situations:

✓ Strategy 1: Foundation tactics - sending out positive messages 
✓ Strategy 2: Making connections - people like people, like themselves 
✓ Strategy 3: Building trust between people that disagree - confidentiality and sharing 
✓ Strategy 4: Influencing – three ways of helping a less co-operative person to agree to something 
✓ Strategy 5: Persuasive writing –is it time for a different approach? 
✓ Strategy 6: Influencing to respond positively - reciprocity and social proof 
✓ Strategy 7: Listening intelligently – helping you to stay on top of things 
✓ Strategy 8: Location – how the meeting place can help or hinder your situation 
✓ Strategy 9: Defusing pushback – how to avoid the game – ‘yes, but’ 

CPE competency areas covered

  • persuasion and collaboration 
  • communication
  • governance, risk and control 

7 CPE points

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Non-member: £840 + VAT

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