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Deliver audit insights with macroeconomics

During this course you will learn about economic cycles, key macroeconomic indicators, and the interplay between them.

As internal auditors this is about building a little practical knowledge, not about turning you into an economist.  

Macroeconomics contributes to the uncertainties that your organisation grapples with. The knowledge you gain from this course will form part of your armour when providing insightful assurance and advising on risk.

What will I learn?

 After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • explain the 10 economic factors and the interplay between them,
  • describe the relationship between macroeconomic changes and organisational risk, both positive and negative,
  • provide examples of how economic indicators can be used in internal audit work.

Who should do the course?

  • Internal auditors conducting engagements: This course will help you understand types of economic data that might prove useful in engagements.
  • More senior internal auditors: This course supports risk-based planning. It will also help you support your internal auditors in gathering the right macroeconomic information during engagements.

What will I do?

The course comprises three modules. After you have completed these modules, you will be able to download your certificate of completion.

You have 90 days to complete the course; however, it should not take you more than two hours to complete.

Technical requirements

The course is online so you will need access to an internet-enabled device. The course consists of video and written material so you will need a device that can display multimedia material. The material is responsive so displays well on any device. However, you will need a laptop or PC with a mouse to complete some of the quiz questions.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Performance: evidence
  • Environment: organisational strategic planning

1.5 CPE points

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