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Introduction to negotiation

We negotiate every day – for instance, when we purchase services from suppliers, or even when we agree what film to watch on television. We also negotiate in the workplacewhether we realise it or not – for example, when we book our holiday or agree a pay rise. But no negotiation process is worthwhile unless the outcomes and agreements are seen through. 

As an internal auditor you negotiate throughout the engagement process. In this course we determine what negotiation is and provide frameworks and techniques for carrying out effective negotiations ultimately achieving joint outcomes that all parties will make happen.  

What will I learn? 

After completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • develop a strategy for planning and carrying out a negotiation
  • understand your position and interests and manage your objectives
  • apply interpersonal skills, such as listening and questioning, to manage the negotiation process to a successful conclusion. 

Who should do the course? 

  • internal auditors conducting engagements  the course will help you shape proposals and add value to your organisation.

What will I do? 

The course comprises two moduleand two quizzes. After you have completed these four elements, including attaining 80% on the quizzes, you will be able to download your certificate of completion. You have 90 days to complete the course; however, it shouldn’t take you more than one and a half hours to complete. 

Technical requirements 

The course is online so you will need access to an internet-enabled deviceThe material is responsive so displays well on any device. However, you will need a laptop or PC with a mouse to complete some of the quiz questions.  

CPE competency areas covered 

  • Leadership and communication (communication - reporting and soft skills)

1.5 CPE points 

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