Strategy and leadership

Courses for heads of internal audit and senior managers

Senior internal auditors must work ever more closely with business leaders, audit committee members, peers and audit teams. This requires strong stakeholder management and influencing skills. You also need the ability to think strategically, plan efficiently, and be able to motivate and lead a team. 

Heads of internal audit - induction master class

New in post? This course will help you be more effective and show you how to make a contribution at a strategic level. 

Preparing for an external quality assessment

Learn about the key challenges and how to turn the EQA process into a positive experience, plus the best ways to prepare.

Successful influencing and political savvy strategies for heads of internal audit

Working closely with the board and business leaders is essential to success. This master class will help you build and manage these relationships.

Successful influencing strategies for audit managers

Stakeholder management and influencing skills are becoming as important as managing a team. This master class will help you develop these skills.

Want to deliver leadership training in-house?

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