Tools and techniques

Internal audit is a fast-paced profession. You need to keep up to date with the latest tools, techniques and methodology to meet the demands of the job. Our courses will give you practical guidance on a range of topics we know matter.

A practical guide to evaluating risks and control

Learn to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. This course will help you improve the effectiveness of your work.

Agreeing findings and actions - a collaborative approach

This course provides a clear structure for approaching this task and contains many tips that will help to ensure success.

Assurance mapping and coordination

An assurance map (AMAP) is a tool to ensure key risks are assured across your organisation. Get a thorough understanding of the principles and practical application of AMAPs. 

Auditing enterprise-wide risk management

Learn how to plan and conduct audits of ERM processes and provide conclusions in a meaningful way to support the assurance requirements of the board.

Audit report writing

Create reports that are clear, logical and convincing, have an impact, and add value to your organisation.

Lean auditing - delivering added value 

Lean auditing refers to the use of 'lean' principles to streamline internal audit activities. Learn the tools and techniques to eliminate waste, maximise impact and add value.

Root cause analysis

Learn how to analyse themes from audit assignments in order to reveal key underlying problems in governance, risk and compliance.

Techniques for effective testing

Learn to design testing activities that are efficient, effective and appropriate, and produce conclusions that are more likely to be accepted by management. 

Risk based internal auditing

Risk based internal auditing enables internal audit to be strategically and operationally linked to the business risk and assurance frameworks.

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