CMIIA workshops

New tuition support from the IIA

Each of our workshops will cover one part of the qualification's syllabus in some depth over two days. They will fully prepare you for the case study exams.

Case study exams: Achieve Chartered Internal Auditor status

Our case study workshops are not just workshops. Each one also gives you access to online resources, including:

  • a pre-workshop quiz to assess your knowledge
  • a mock case study to prepare in advance and then work through during the workshop
  • exclusive reading materials
  • a forum you can use to chat to your fellow students and the tutor

Book a workshop:

Case study 1: Internal audit leadership  

Case study 2: Organisational leadership   

Case study 3: Ethical leadership

Presentation and panel interview: Complete the QIAL

If you want to achieve the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership, our workshop will help you choose a theme for your presentation and prepare for the interview.


If you have any questions about our tuition workshops please call us on 020 7819 1905 or email