Live virtual | Soft skills

Interpersonal skills such as communication and the art of persuasion are just as vital to internal auditors as technical skills. Our courses cover some of the key challenges you're likely to face.

Resilience – Bouncing back from adversity

This one-day course provides insight into the day to day personal challenges that we face as internal auditors and explains the tools and techniques we can use to help us to develop an appropriate level of resilience in such situations.

Handling difficult client situations - challenges and strategies

Another day passes and another delay drags out the progress of your audit – sounds familiar? We have all met non-cooperative people that make you feel edgy as they subtly challenge your work or do not listen. This course suggests nine core strategies for you to deploy to help keep you in the driving seat. 

Managing your career to map your future success

This half day virtual session will provide new perspectives on the way that you look at your career and provide tools and techniques that attendees can apply both now and in the future to help them establish a clear focus and direction and take control of their careers.

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